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Expert Canal Boat Repair & Refurbishment Services

We offer comprehensive repair and refurbishment services for canal boats of all makes and models, ensuring that your vessel performs to its full potential.

Our Repair and Maintenance Services

Boat Lift and Return to Water

Our boat trailer can lift narrow boats, including flat and V hulls and up to 70ft long, from the water onto hard standing for surveys or agreed work, and return them when the work is finished. The hoist at Tattenhall Marina can lift widebeams from and onto the water and from/onto road transport.

Engine Servicing

The engine is the heart of a canal boat. We service all popular engine models from Barrus Shire, Beta Marine, Vetus, Yanmar, Nanni, Isuzu and BMC, and more traditional and specialist engines from Lister, Gardner, Kelvin and Russell Newbery. Our standard service includes oil change, oil, fuel and air filter change, belts check/change, and a nuts and bolt check. We also service all types of gearbox.

We can diagnose a wide range of electrical, fuel, coolant and mechanical issues and recommend and make repairs. We can remove engines to replace engine mounts, and clean and paint engine bays.

We install and commission new engines and gearboxes, and ensure they are commissioned in line with manufacturers' requirements.

Hull Blacking

Blacking is essential to maintain the integrity of the hull. Our standard approach involves pressure washing the hull, scraping and abrading with a cup brush, treating any rust with Vactan, and applying two coats of two-pack epoxy blacking. The process normally requires the boat to be out of the water for a week.

We are able to shot-blast and clean hull surfaces to bare metal if requested, and can prepare and black baseplates.


Corrosion can wreak havoc on your boat's metal components, causing rust, pitting, and ultimately weakening the structure of your vessel. We supply and fit standard and slimline anodes that are made from high-quality materials, and our experienced team can help you choose the right type of anode for your boat.


If the baseplate or hull sides are damaged, badly corroded or excessively pitted, we can overplate affected parts or the complete hull. This is very skilled and specialist work. We carefully prepare surfaces to remove contaminants (bitumen, epoxy paint) and ensure clean metal for welds. Mild steel plates are cut and profiled before being MIG welded in place. All welds are cleaned, dressed and inspected to ensure integrity.

Pit Welding

If the hull sides are pitted but do not require overplating, we can weld repair the surface. Any pits are identified and cleaned. A die grinder ensures any contaminants are removed and fresh metal is exposed. The pit is welded and excess well is removed with a grinder to leave a smooth finish.

Boat Painting

A beautiful boat always has a beautiful paint finish. We can paint a whole boat, the cabin sides, the roof, decks and bulkheads, and gunwales. We carefully prepare surfaces to be painted, going back to bare metal if needed. We use top quality primers and undercoats to build protection and colour, and finish with multiple topcoats to give a long-lasting finish. All our paint is applied by brush and roller and finished by hand for outstanding results with a traditional feel.

Electrical Systems

Our technicians can diagnose and trace faults in 12/24/48V and 240V systems. We can supply and fit new inverters, chargers, consumer units, lighting, sockets, water pumps, bilge pumps, immersion heaters, and appliances such as fridges, washing machines and TVs,  and ensure that the electrical systems are safe and fit for purpose.

We supply and fit new leisure (typically Yuasa and Numax, 90-120Ah) and starter batteries, and shoreline connections.

Space Heating Systems

A cold boat is no fun when the temperature drops. We can perform annual service and use proprietary software to diagnose and fault-find problems with Webasto and Erbespacher diesel heaters, and we are experienced with Alde gas heaters and other makes and models.

We supply and fit complete Webasto and Erbespacher systems including new fuel electrical supply, control panel, radiators and hot water tanks, and test and commission to ensure they keep a boat warm and with plenty of hot water.

Plumbing and Water Systems

Hot and cold running water for baths, showers, sinks and basins make boat life comfortable. When a pump fails, a joint leaks or a pipe bursts, it is not only inconvenient, but can also cause real and costly damage. We can repair, replace or extend any part of the water system, and check and test the overall system for water security.

A toilet that does not work, is blocked or is unreliable can be a real challenge, especially for liveaboards and extended cruising. We service pump out, cassette and composting systems and can diagnose and fix most problems such as with the macerator, water and electrical supply, blocked pipes and seized valves. It is a dirty job but we work to solve the problem.

Gas Systems

Many boats use LPG for cooking and some have gas fridges and heating systems. It is essential that gas systems are safe and any work is undertaken by a Gas Safe engineer. We install gas bottles, regulators, gas lines, test points and valves. We can supply and fit new gas cookers, ovens and hobs, and can repair and fix problems with existing appliances. Any work is Gas Safe certified.

Solid Fuel Stoves

A solid fuel stove adds ambience and warmth on a boat. We can design the hearth, and install the stove, flue and chimney, to fit with the layout and style of the boat, and meet boat safety requirements.

Boat Winterising

It you are unlikely to visit or use your boat during the winter months, preparing it helps protect it from harsh weather conditions. Our service includes draining the water system, opening taps and valves, checking antifreeze levels in engines and heating systems, checking battery condition and state of charge, checking electrical systems and shoreline hook-up. Winterising is relatively straightforward but can save costly leaks and bursts.

Canal Boat in need of Repair Work?

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Our Refurbishment and Fabrication Services

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are an excellent solution to generate electricity while cruising the canal network or when moored in a marina. We can specify a solar system that is right for your boat and then supply and fit it. A typical system comprises: PV solar panels (rigid or semi-flexible), cabling, inverter/charge controller, fuse protection and integration with the existing electrical system and the batteries.

Typically, PV systems will have an installed capacity between 200-800Wp, depending on the needs of the boat, budget and the available roof area.  We only use high-quality components such as those manufactured by Victron.


If you have owned your boat for some time, or have recently taken ownership, you may want to change the layout or add better facilities. Our experienced team can help you understand the options, develop designs, and provide cost-effective solutions. We can work to refurbish or replace:

  • The Galley: a well-equipped galley, making the most of available space, makes canal life even more enjoyable. We can fit new kitchen units, cabinet doors, shelving, worktops, sinks, taps, appliances, fixtures and fittings, which will create a homely and functional area.

  • Bathroom: a well-designed and functional bathroom is a must-have on a canal boat. We can install or upgrade new shower trays and enclosures, sinks and vanity units, toilets, fixtures and fittings, and flooring to create a comfortable and practical space.

  • Saloon: the saloon is the main living area on a canal boat; it should be comfortable and inviting. We can remodel or fabricate furniture such as L-shaped or pullman dinettes, storage solutions and cabinets, and introduce new lighting and other features which create a cosy and inviting living space.

Boat Fit Outs

Our skilled technicians, and the facilities and services we have, allow us to provide a one-stop-shop for fitting out a boat. We have completely stripped out boats, back to the battens and hull base. We have then relined cabin sides, below-gunwales and headlining, fitted new floors and bulkheads, and installed new electrical, water, and heating systems. These boats have been rejuvenated and made their owners very happy.

Canal Boat in need of a Refurb?

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Based at Tattenhall Marina, we offer top-quality services to ensure that your canal boat is always in excellent condition for all your waterway adventures.

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